Project Portfolio

Here you can see a selection of my most recent work. Feel free to dig deeper in a project that sparks your interest!

Mockup eines Laptop und eines Smartphones, das das Redesign der Website Sommerein zeigt

Website Rework Sommerein

I worked on this project during my second semester in the Master’s program. The goal was to rework an old Website using a human-centred design workflow.

The result is a high-fidelity prototype for desktop and mobile devices and a complete draft of the UX process. 

Mockup eines Briefpapiers mit dem Logoentwurf für das Hotel am Konzerthaus

Logo Design Hotel am Konzerthaus

The hotel reached out to one of my colleagues and ordered a new logo. I assisted him during the brainstorming phase and created some logo ideas myself. 

Mockup, das das Titelblatt des gutgestalten Magazins zeigt

Cover Design gutgestalten

As a group assignement my colleagues and I released a magazine about typography in June 2022. To decide on a cover everyone of us had to design one on their own. 

Magazin Mockup zum Thema Streetart

Layout Design for a magazine

This design is the result of my very first work in Adobe InDesign. Our professor set the task to create a harmonious but exciting magazine layout. I chose the topic „Streetart“ and created a lively design. 


Mockup des The Hiding Café-Schilds mit Logo

Corporate Design for a café

This project played a huge part during my first semester in the Master’s program. I created a corporate design from scratch for a fictional café, with only a few guides defined in the briefing.