About the project

The task was to choose an outdated website (in both usability and design) and work on a redesign throughout a whole semester. I selected http://www.sommerein.at/ because it’s the site of the town I grew up in, so I am familiar with the contents of the different web pages, but of course there is also a sentimental aspect included in my choice. 

We were required to work with the human-centered design principle, so naturally I first did some research about the town, its inhabitants and of course the target group of the website. 

The design

After gathering all the important information I looked at the existing design elements on the website. It was obvious that the layout was old fashioned, the colours inharmonic and the logo outdated. Therefore I worked out a new colour scheme and a new logo design to reflect a modern and clean appearance. I combined everything in a stylescape to convey the new essence of the website. 

Styleguide für das Projekt
Final Stylescape with example pictures, possible icons and fonts, reworked colours and a new logo

After that I used the cardsorting method to define important contents of the site, later on I elaborated a final sitemap and a userflow for a person from the target group. I began to sketch my ideas for a possible layout on paper which was the base for my first lo-fi prototype. This evolved to the final hi-fi prototype which can be found under following links: desktop version and mobile version. I only implemented the web pages that appear in the user flow. 

Mockup eines Laptop und eines Smartphones, das das Redesign der Website Sommerein zeigt